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Designing Interdisciplinary Curricula with AI

Create Learning Experiences that Transcend Disciplines.

Stay ahead of the curve: Master AI in your planning!


Take AI Integration to the Next Level.

  • Build upon your foundational AI understanding to design learning experiences that bridge disciplines.

  • Discover strategies to seamlessly integrate AI tools across subjects.

  • Cultivate a cohesive learning environment where AI fosters connections between concepts.

  • Equip students to become interdisciplinary problem-solvers able to tackle complex challenges.


Answers to These Questions and More...

  • How can I identify opportunities for AI-supported connections across my curriculum?

  • What AI tools can facilitate collaboration and knowledge integration across disciplines?

  • How can I design project-based learning that combines AI concepts with various subject areas?

  • How can I develop assessments that reflect students' integrated skills and interdisciplinary understanding?


By the End of This Workshop, You Will:

  • Gain the skills to strategically plan interdisciplinary units by leveraging the power of AI.

  • Confidently select and utilize AI tools for collaborative, cross-curricular projects.

  • Develop engaging, project-based learning experiences that promote problem-solving with AI across disciplines.

  • Design assessments that measure students' integrated knowledge and "future-ready" skills.

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