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Empower Your Students with AI Skills – No Tech Expertise Required


Our plug-and-play lessons make AI integration easy.


We've done the work, giving you engaging and impactful materials.

Lacking Confidence?

Build your AI knowledge alongside your students.

Unsure of the Impact?

 Our lessons are designed to develop essential future-ready skills like critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity – skills that will benefit your students in any subject area.

Grade 2 Unit 1, Lesson 1: Discovering AI

  • Objective: Students will understand what AI is and identify examples of AI in their daily lives.

  • Competency Focus: Data Fluency & Critical AI Literacy

  • Activities:

    • AI Hunt: Students list devices or applications they use that might have AI (e.g., Siri on iPads, smart home devices).

    • AI Concept Mapping: Using drawing software on iPads or laptops, students create a simple mind map linking AI technologies to their functions (e.g., Siri for answering questions).

  • Values Integration: Emphasize respect for privacy when using devices and the importance of asking for help when unsure about technology.

AI Journeys: "Discover" Grade 2 Lesson 1: Discovering AI

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